Vivian Hung
Coldwell Banker Realty

We have some 30 years experience of buying and selling real estate, and over that time, we have worked with many agents. Vivian is, by far, the best. Her knowledge, responsiveness, and follow-through set her apart from her peers and made the sale of the property move smoothly through the process with no snags or roadblocks. ~ Rick & Elizabeth K.

Vivian was the 4th real estate agent we contacted to sell our property. Her expertise and professionalism impressed us. As a result of her marketing skills and work ethics, Vivian was able to sell our property at a fair price. Amazingly, she sold the property with a tenant occupied in the property.   We are not sure how she did it, but it's refreshing to be able to count on her and know that she will get the job done. Thanks Vivian. ~ Joyce F.

Putting up your home for sale is a very stressful process. It had to be the right time and the right realtor. We were lucky to have a great realtor-VIVIAN HUNG. She understands that we made a big decision in selling our home and that it will not be a very easy transition but she made it a point to  explain everything to us. We would talked as a group whenever we have some updates and changes. She updates us after every “open home” and we really appreciated that. Vivian is one of the reasons why our experience is worth sharing. All of us in one point in our lives would go through this experience, whether selling or buying, would want someone that is trustworthy and only wants what is best for the buyer/seller. We made a decision to entrust our home of more than 10 years to her and we never regretted that decision. We highly recommend Vivian Hung to everyone because she is not only a great realtor but also became a great friend to us. ~ Ben & Pia B.

Vivian was so great to work with. She is very responsive and so patient. She was very dedicated to putting together listings for me. And even when I was so picky about some places she took all my little details into account. I would definitely recommend working with Vivian. ~ Joanna W. 

This is my first time buying a house. but with Vivian's help, everything goes very smooth. the whole process was closed half month earlier. She is good at responding to email and phone. She is a very responsible person. ~ Jenny B.

We had a great experience with Vivian Hung. she is extremely reliable, reasonable, and timely. She took all of our requests into consideration and did not try to force any quick decisions upon us. I would highly recommend Vivian if you are looking for a successful and pleasant experience in the Bay Area. ~ Cindy X.

In a fast-paced market, finding a fast, diligent and experienced agent is crucial. Not only does Vivian possess all the above qualities, she goes above and beyond what is required to ensure that we are happy and satisfied with our purchase. Vivian has been with us every step of the way, providing us with the guidance and expertise we needed. I highly recommend Vivian. She possesses the skills and work-ethic to get the job done. ~ Jenny H.

Vivian Hung was our real estate agent at the time when we purchased our house. Her professional services, detailing fine works and willing to guide you to the final steps were excellent. I had referred to two of my friends to her. She had helped them through their purchase. I will continue to have her as my agent and will be referring her to all my friends when they need real estate services. ~ Jane L.

Vivian has been very knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. I've worked with several agents before working with Vivian, and it's really difficult to find someone that's trustworthy. I'll definitely work with Vivian again for my next home purchase. ~ John L.

Vivian Hung is one of the best real estate agents we have ever worked with. She is knowledgeable about both the market and the home buying process. She is a good advisor and very diligent about making sure you have considered all the key factors, including things you told her, were important to you.  Finally, she is very calm, even others are getting emotional she maintains her poise. The next time we are in the market in the Bay Area Vivian will be our agent. ~ Glen & Junita C.

Vivian Hung knows the local market well. More importantly, she is passionate to help me. She helped me come up with a good listing price. I also got some consultation from her in the initial phase whether we should let my tenant go or selling the condo with the rental contract. She extended such consultation to my tenant so that the pros and cons of staying can be evaluated. My condo was professionally staged. She has also arranged a professional photographer to help me take some pictures for the listing. We got multiple offers because of her effort. She then further walked me through each offer and guided me about what we can do in the counteroffers. I would not have given any counteroffer without her professional knowledge about the market. In our counteroffers, she was able to help me negotiate the best for my interest. The last but not least, she helped me speed up the closing process and thus my condo was sold in less than 5 weeks (including 2-week open house). ~ Sam K. 

We were getting overwhelmed with the whole home-buying process. Vivian listened to our needs and was able to provide us with a good selection fitting our preferences. We were able to decide on our first home within a reasonable time frame. I feel that she has a great deal of expertise on the market because she was able to provide some valuable perspectives. We are very happy and satisfied that she's on our side. Vivian is very professional and we felt totally taken care of the whole time. I would definitely hire her again for any real estate needs! ~ Andrew L.

Vivian is a warm, knowledgeable, professional and just an overall great person who happens to also be a real estate agent. She guided and advised us through our loft purchase and made sure we understood each step. We will definitely recommend her to others. ~ Cherie S.

We met Vivian at an open house, she looks nice and professional and made us feel very welcome. We were looking for an investment property at that time. We asked her several questions and opinion about our needs. She is very knowledgeable and professional. We decided to use her as our agent. We had been looking for several months. Excited and many times frustrated about being out bided. We had been trying many times and we found one we liked. The seller was an older lady and Vivian recommended to us to write a nice and warm cover letter for our offer. Finally, our offer was accepted and was met with a counteroffer from the seller. Vivian analyzed the market value and gave us a good idea about terms and counter back. We were praying for everyday hope things will go smooth, Vivian helped us went through all the documents related to this property and find out there was a cost needed seller to pay. Seller already said in counter offer “As Is” and wouldn’t spend any more money to fix anything. Vivian suggested a counteroffer to give a try. Surprisingly the seller accepted our counter offer. We are already very happy with this house and this is definitely a bonus for us. She worked with the seller, my loan officer, escrow officer and made sure things were on track to close the deal. We were lucky that everything was so smooth in closing the transaction. We closed 5 days earlier than the contract date. We were very happy we made the right decision choosing Vivian Hung. With her professional and experience, we buy a house with a Good price. Truly appreciated. ~ Maggie S.

Vivian provided great service to a process that most folks dread. She is prompt, respectful of my needs and likes, knowledgeable, and an overall great person to deal with. She will see you through the entire process and you will never hear her complain about anything. Literally a great agent to work with. I will definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for a good real-estate agent hands down! ~ Fiona L.